Beckman Scholars

The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation identifies colleges and universities that will receive Beckman Scholars application invitations. The extremely thorough selection process is a two-part review led by a panel of scientific expert with institutions chosen based on their dedication to undergraduate research in chemistry, biology and/or combinations thereof and their ability to compete in national level programs. 

With support from The Beckman Foundation, Texas A&M Beckman Scholars are identified as the top undergraduate students majoring in specific science fields during their freshman year. Once selected, Beckman Scholars receive a generous stipend and begin their research careers with designated Beckman faculty mentors the summer prior to their sophomore year. Beckman Scholars continue their research projects through graduation and also participate in various activities:

  • Leadership development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Review and publication of scientific research
  • Preparation for National Fellowship, graduate, or professional school applications.

Beckman Scholars

Award Year Recipient
2020 Allison Baker '23, Biology       
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bruce Riley
Emily Chapa '23, Biology           
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Deborah Bell-Pederson
2019 Brandon Lookfong, Biomedical Engineering     
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Bondos
Ryan Rahul, Biology            
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Gomer
2018 Rachel Porter '19, Molecular and Cellular Biology         

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steve Lockless
Cody Martin '20, Biochemistry and Genetics        
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryland Young
2016 Ashley Holt, Biomedical Engineering         

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryland Young
Luke Oaks, Biomedical Engineering              
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gerard Coté
2015 Brooke Versaw '18, Chemistry         

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karen Wooley
Jennifer Tran '18, Biochemistry and Genetics                     

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryland Young
Gabrielle Lessen '18, Biochemistry                     

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dorothy Shippen
2014 Mikayla Barry '17, Biomedical Engineering         

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Melissa Grunlan

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