Teacher/Scholar Award

In order to identify, celebrate, and encourage participation in Honors instruction by accomplished scholars, LAUNCH annually presents several Teacher/Scholar Awards.

A central objective of LAUNCH is to place students of exceptional promise under the tutelage of the most successful researchers and teachers at Texas A&M University. Scholars who are daily engaged in advancing the frontiers of knowledge in their fields often bring unparalleled excitement and innovation to the classroom.

Award Recipients

Award Year Recipient(s)
 2011-2012 Dr. Jyotsna Vaid (Psychology)
2010-2011 Dr. Karen-Beth Scholthof (Plant Virology) and Dr. David Toback (Physics and Astronomy)
2006-2007 Dr. Charles R. Conrad (Communication), Prof. Rodney Hill (Architecture), and Dr. Ludy T. Benjamin, Jr. (Psychology)
2005-2006 Dr. Sara Alpern (History) and Dr. Roland Allen (Physics and Astronomy)
2004-2005 Dr. Arvind Mahajan (Finance) and Dr. Michelle Taylor-Robinson (Political Science)
2003-2004 Dr. Patricia Phillippy (English) and Dr. David McWhirter (English)
2002-2003 Dr, Annie McGowan (Accounting), Dr. Mary Ann O'Farrell (English), and Dr. J. Martin Scholtz (Biochemistry and Biophysics)
2001-2002 Dr. Dennis Berthold (English)
2000-2001 Dr. David Bergbreiter (Chemistry), Dr. Victoria Rosner (English), and Dr. Jyotsna Vaid (Psychology)
1999-2000 Dr. Douglas Brooks (English), Dr. Timothy Mitchell (Spanish), and Dr. Donald Naugle (Physics and Astronomy)
1998-1999 Dr. Donald R. Dickson (English), Dr. Mardell McCuskey Shepley (Architecture), and Dr. Leroy G. Dorsey (Communication)
1997-1998 Dr. Larry Johnson (Veterinary Integrative Biosciences), Dr. Paul A. Parrish (English), and Dr. Betty M. Unterberger (History)
1996-1997 Dr. Jeffrey Conant (Marketing), Dr. Emily Davidson (Psychology), and Dr. Raghvendra Pandey (Electrical Engineering)
1995-1996 Dr. Melanie Hawthorne (French) and Dr. Christine Townsend (Agricultural Leadership)
1994-1995 Dr. Larry Oliver (English), Dr. Jeffrey W. Kelly (Chemistry), and Dr. Kurt Ritter (Communication)
1993-1994 Dr. Raymond C. Battalio (Economics), Dr. William Bedford Clark (English), and Dr. Nancy Joe Dyer (Spanish)
1992-1993 Dr. Susan S. Golden (Biology), Dr. George P. "Bud" Peterson (Mechanical Engineering), and Dr. Rand L. Watson (Chemistry)
1991-1992 Dr. Ozden Ochoa (Mechanical Engineering) and Dr. James Rosenheim (History)
1990-1991 Dr. Stephen Daniel (Philosophy), Dr. Gretchen Casper (Political Science), and Dr. George Kattawar (Physics and Astronomy)
1989-1990 Dr. R.J.Q. Adams (History), Dr. William Owen, and Dr. Nick Pace (Biochemistry and Biophysics)
1988-1989 Dr. Robert Ivie (Communication), Dr. John Lenihan (History), Dr. Katherine O'Keefe (English), Dr. Vivian Paul (Architecture), and Dr. Jeffrey Pommerville (Biology)
1987-1988 Dr. Mark B. Busby (English), Dr. Joseph B. Natowitz (Chemistry), Dr. Ethel A. Tsutsui (Biochemistry and Biophysics), and Dr. Andrew C. Vastano (Oceanography)
1986-1987 Dr. Robert W. Burch, Dr. Homer Carlisle, Dr. Dwight C. Conway, Dr. Ronald Darby, Dr. Donald J. Darensbourg, Dr. Marcetta Y. Darensbourg, Dr. Chester S.L. Dunning, Dr. Margaret J.M. Ezell, Dr. John R. Gold, Dr. Duane C. Kraemer, Dr. Harry P. Kroiter, Dr. Gerald E. Miller, Dr. Jack R. Nation, Dr. Comer O. Patterson, Dr. William Rundell, Dr. Steven N. Wiggins, Dr. James R. Wild