Wells-Fargo Honors Faculty Mentor Award

The Wells Fargo Honors Faculty Mentor Award recognizes and rewards Honors faculty members whose dedication and commitment to excellence in education is truly outstanding.

Providing opportunities for students to develop academic and professional relationships with the very best faculty is a key principle in honors education. Honors faculty members who win this award are those who distinguish themselves by extending the mentoring relationship beyond the confines of the classroom and meeting time. These faculty members encourage a spirit of inquiry in their students, are thoughtful teachers, and exhibit the strongest desire to train a new generation of thinkers and creators.

Award Recipients

Award Year Recipient(s)
2022 Dr. Robin Veldman (Religious Studies)
2021 Dr. Maddalena Cerrato (International Studies)
2020 Dr. Jacqueline Knoop (Accounting)
2019 Dr. Duncan MacKenzie (Biology)
2018 Dr. Britt Mize (English)
2017 Dr. Daniel Singleton (Chemistry)
2016 Ms. Jacquelyn Knoop (Accounting)
2015 Dr. Elizabeth Robinson (English)
2014 Dr. Donald J. Curtis, Jr. (History)
2013 Dr. Gregory Huff (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2012 Dr. Gregory Huff (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
2011 Dr. David Bergbreiter (Chemistry) and Dr. Stephen Caffey (Architecture)
2010 Dr. David O. Peterson (Biochemistry)
2008 Dr. David O. Peterson (Biochemistry)
2007 Dr. Douglas A. Brooks (English) and Prof. Rodney Hill (Architecture)
2006 Dr. James Benjamin (Accounting)
2005 Dr. David E. Bergbreiter (Chemistry)
2004 Dr. Kurt W. Ritter (Communication)
2003 Dr. Scott Austin (Philosophy)

Award Terms

These $1,000 awards are made possible through a generous endowment provided by Wells Fargo. Beyond the monetary compensation, however, the real value of this award of this award is that it is given by students in recognition of the countless hours that Honors faculty pour into developing and challenging the lives and minds of the student body.

Selection Procedure

The Honors Student Council coordinates the selection process for this award. Faculty are nominated by students who actively participate in the University Honors Program. Award recipients are then selected by an Honors-community-wide vote.

To read bios of previous recipients, please visit https://tamuhonors.wordpress.com/?s=wells+fargo