The Robert Gates-Muller Family Outstanding Student Award was established in 2007 through a gift from the Muller family of Galveston to provide public recognition to an outstanding senior graduating from Texas A&M who has demonstrated those qualities of leadership, patriotism, courage, and service to country, school, and nation so clearly exemplified by Robert M. Gates. Dr. Gates served as president of Texas A&M university from 2002 until 2006, when he was named U.S. Secretary of Defense.

To be eligible for the Gates-Muller, a student must:

  • Have displayed to a high degree those admirable personal traits that characterized Robert Gates.
  • Have completed not less than one-half of his/her degree requirements while enrolled at Texas A&M University.
  • Rank academically in the upper one-third of his/her class at the end of his/her undergraduate curriculum.
  • Be occupying or have held positions of leadership in one or more major student organizations (i.e. Student Government, Memorial Student Center, Corps of Cadets, Residence Hall Association, Off-Campus Aggies, Fish Camp, Department of Multicultural Services, etc.) and/or in state or nationally recognized student organizations, or social, church, and/or other similar organizations.
  • Be a candidate for a baccalaureate degree at the end of the spring semester or during the preceding 12-month period in which the award is presented.
  • Have an exemplary conduct record while enrolled in the university.
  • Have displayed a great love for his/her university and demonstrated his/her willingness to uphold the principles for which it stands.
  • Not be a recipient of the Brown Foundation-Earl Rudder Memorial Outstanding Student Award.

The award will not be made posthumously nor to a selected student who fails to complete degree requirements.  In either of these eventualities, the highest qualified alternate will be designated as the recipient of the award.

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