The Robert Gates-Muller Family Outstanding Student Award was established in 2007 through a gift from the Muller family of Galveston to provide public recognition to an outstanding senior graduating from Texas A&M who has demonstrated those qualities of leadership, patriotism, courage, and service to country, school, and nation so clearly exemplified by Robert M. Gates. Dr. Gates served as president of Texas A&M university from 2002 until 2006, when he was named U.S. Secretary of Defense.

List of awardees
Year Awardee(s)
2018 Announced May 2018
2017 Joshua Sutton
2016 Patrick Neil Rabroker
2015 Clayton Cromer
2014 Akanksha Sharma
2013 Justin Cardenas
2012 Hilary E. Albrecht
2010 Blayne Thompson
2009 Andrew Spencer Welch