Departmental Capstones


Students who have an existing capstone or culminating project in their degree requirements may use that to satisfy the capstone requirement for Honors Fellows if it meets the guidelines listed below.

To meet Honors requirements, a capstone should:

  1. Be enrolled in UGST 497 for two consecutive semesters

  2. Have a proposal process that demonstrates synthesis of the background and theory of the field

  3. Have a timeline describing when you will meet expectations and be evaluated

  4. Be completed under the guidance of a faculty mentor (or similar expert)

  5. Have extended commitment, either taking place over more than one semester or be an equivalent investment of time

  6. Require periodic reflection on the learning taking place

  7. Result in a scholarly product appropriate for the field

  8. Include a public presentation (n.b. if a departmental capstone is used, the public presentation must be someplace more public than the class for which the project was completed)

Students should consult with a University Honors Program advisor in the planning stages to seek approval for their capstone experience. To select the departmental capstone, you must indicate how the requirements above will be met.

You may also wish to speak with an Honors Advisor about these options. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, please visit If you have questions about capstones, please contact