The Hunger Consortium

Welcome to The Hunger Consortium

LAUNCH has a new initiative: help address hunger at Texas A&M and food insecurity worldwide by bringing together faculty, staff, students, and community resources to address ongoing needs.

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Did you know that one in seven Texas households suffered from food insecurity in 2014-2016?
Another survey showed that 36% of college students did not get enough to eat.
We all know how hard it is to concentrate when we're hungry, so, what can we do about it?

Explore the Consortium 
Join the effort to end food insecurity at Texas A&M, the state, nation, and world.

Faculty, Staff, Students, and B/CS Community Members

The Hunger Consortium connects faculty, staff, students, and local community members involved in research, food preparation, management, and education with each other and others who want to make a difference by addressing hunger and food insecurity.

Join The Hunger Consortium if you are involved or interested in:

  • Developing or joining capstone projects aimed at hunger and food insecurity
  • Raising money to support programs and initiative to combat food insecurity
  • Producing research, scholarly, and/or creative work on the same theme of hunger and food insecurity
  • Collaborating on research or service projects, proposals, and initiatives to leverage expertise
  • Volunteering at university and community organizations
  • Teaching about nutrition, budgeting, and food preparation
  • Looking to make an impact on the critical problems of hunger and food insecurity
LAUNCH is focused on our students. The Hunger Consortium serves to help undergraduates:
  • Find mentors that will enrich the undergraduate experience
  • Take classes to learn about hunger and related subjects
  • Volunteer with community and university organizations
  • Help alleviate food insecurity in first year students
  • Locate the most effective resources