Century Scholars Organization

Century Scholars Organization Members

The Century Scholars Organization (CSO) is a recognized student organization that provides current Century Scholars with leadership, networking, and community service opportunities. Through CSO, Century Scholars can fulfill programmatic and scholarship requirements, develop professionally, and network with other current Century Scholars and CSO alumni.

How To Join CSO

To become a CSO member, students must:

  • Be in the Century Scholars Program (CSP)
  • Fulfill membership dues (semester and annual options available)
  • Have and maintain at least a 2.0 GPR
  • Maintain membership by attending at least one CSO meeting each semester

CSO Executive Committee

CSO Executive Committee is responsible for the vision and direction of the organization in cooperation with the Century Scholars Program Coordinator. Upperclassmen committee members are selectd in April each year. The Freshman Class Chair is selected in September each year. All positions are one-year terms.

What Does the CSO Executive Committee Do?

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following positions:
  • Executive Chair
  • Mentor Training Chair
  • Finance Chair (Treasurer)
  • Community Relations Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Community Service Chair
  • Freshmen Class Chair

How Do I Become An Executive Committee Member?

  • Be an active member of CSO
  • Have and maintain at least a 2.5 GPR
  • Submit an application for a vacant position
  • Applications are announced via email in April, deadlines vary by posiiton
  • You may be selected for an interview based on your application