Current Members

Joseph Chen
  • Joseph Chen '23
  • Major: Biology
  • Research Focus: Neural Stem Cells, Spinal Cord Injury, Functional Recovery
  • Years of Research Experience: 3
  • High School: Elkins High School
  • Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Dulin
  • Project(s): For the past two and a half years, I worked on a project that looked into how changing the age of isolation of transplanted embryonic neural progenitor cells aided in the functional recovery of spinal cord injury. This semester I will be starting a new project that investigates and aims to characterize "mini dorsal horns" in the spinal cord.
Natalie Coleman
  • Natalie Coleman '20
  • Major: Civil engineering
  • Minor: Hispanic Studies
  • Research Focus: Community resilience, infrastructure service disruptions, risk inequalities, natural hazards
  • Years of Research Experience: 3
Emily Curtis
  • Emily Curtis '22
  • Major: Biology
  • Minor: English, Chinese
  • Research Focus: Creative Research: Eugenics, Fiction, Hereditary Disease / Biological Research: Environmental Toxicology, Industrial Pollution, Infant Development
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
  • High School: Homeschool
  • Advisor: Dr. Lowell White; Dr. Natalie Johnson
  • Project(s): "Repurposed" (short story), "Disassembly for the Modern Human" (poem), and "Time Itches" (poem) published in The Eckleburg Project, Fall 2020 issue.
Swapnil Dash
  • Swapnil Dash '25
  • Major: Business Honors
  • Minor: Pre-Medicine
  • Research Focus: Spinal-Cord Injury, Experimental Therapeutics, Service Quality in Healthcare, Business of Healthcare
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
  • High School: Westwood High School
  • Advisor: Dr. Michelle Hook, Dr. Len Berry, Dr. Ximena Garcia-Rada, Dr. Jonathan Kurtis, Dr. Dipak Raj
  • Project(s): Effects of opioids on recovery of function after spinal cord injury, Relationship between Alzheimer's disease and spinal cord injury, improving patient caregiver experience
Cora Garcia
  • Cora Garcia '21
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences and Entomology
  • Minor: Public Health
  • Research Focus: honey bees, conservation, pathogens, nutrition
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Yilin Li
  • Yilin Li '24
  • Major: Economics, Mathematics
  • Minor: Women and Gender Studies
  • Research Focus: Global Development, Global Economic Growth, Gender Based Violence, Gender Discrimination
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
  • High School: Dulles High School
  • Advisor: Dr. Samuel Cohn; Dr. Christina Patterson
  • Project(s): 1. Leontief Multipliers with Dr. Samuel Cohn at Texas A&M Sociology: Studying sixty different countries' economic growth through Leontief matrices that detail the relationship between their industries
    2. Wage Growth with Dr. Christina Patterson at Booth Business School: Analyzing job postings from 2010 to 2019 to examine the relationship between firms and wage setting, with a particular focus on wage rigidity
Brandon Wantanabe
  • Brandon Wantanabe '23
  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Neuroscience
  • Research Focus: Cognitive Control, Perspective Taking, Cognitive Science
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
  • High School: Bethesda Christian School
  • Advisor: Dr. Annmarie MacNamara; Dr. Joseph Orr
  • Project(s): Impact of working memory load on error-monitoring
    Cognitive flexibility in neural task-set representations