Current Members

Valeri Cangelosi
  • Valeri Cangelosi '22
  • Major: University Studies - Society, Ethics, and Law
  • Minor: Philosophy; Architectural Fabrication and Product Design
  • Research Focus: Decolonial Feminism, Gender Studies, Sexuality, Resistance
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
  • High School: Lutheran High North
  • Advisor: Dr. Omar Rivera
Natalie Coleman
  • Natalie Coleman '20
  • Major: Civil engineering
  • Minor: Hispanic Studies
  • Research Focus: Community resilience, infrastructure service disruptions, risk inequalities, natural hazards
  • Years of Research Experience: 3
Emily Curtis
  • Emily Curtis '22
  • Major: Biology
  • Minor: English, Chinese
  • Research Focus: Creative Research: Eugenics, Fiction, Hereditary Disease / Biological Research: Environmental Toxicology, Industrial Pollution, Infant Development
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
  • High School: Homeschool
  • Advisor: Dr. Lowell White; Dr. Natalie Johnson
  • Project(s): "Repurposed" (short story), "Disassembly for the Modern Human" (poem), and "Time Itches" (poem) published in The Eckleburg Project, Fall 2020 issue.
Cora Garcia
  • Cora Garcia '21
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences and Entomology
  • Minor: Public Health
  • Research Focus: honey bees, conservation, pathogens, nutrition
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Michael Lee
  • Michael Lee '22
  • Major: Statistics
  • Research Focus: Statistical and Mathematical Modeling and Analysis, Campus Food Insecurity, Linear and Logistic Regression Modeling, R Studio Programming
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
Sunjay Letchuman
  • Sunjay Letchuman '22
  • Major: Business Honors
  • Research Focus: Spinal Cord Injury, Health Policy
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Maggie Martin
  • Maggie Martin '22
  • Major: Environmental Design
  • Minor: New Media Art; Leadership in the Design and Construction Professions
  • Research Focus: Permanent Supportive Housing, Homelessness, Accessible Design Resources
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
  • High School: Homeschool
  • Advisor: James Michael Tate
  • Project(s): Texas Freedom Colonies Project with James Michael Tate and Dr. Andrea Roberts
Michael Pitonak
  • Michael Pitonak '22
  • Major: Biology
  • Research Focus: Neuroscience, Stem Cell Transplantation, Spinal Cord Injury
  • Years of Research Experience: 2.5
  • High School: Bishop TK Gorman High School
  • Advisor: Dr. Jennifer N. Dulin