Former Members

Anthony Gacasan
  • Anthony Gacasan '19
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences
  • Minor: Business
  • Research Focus: Genetics, Microbiome
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Cora Drozd
  • Cora Drozd '18
  • Major: Philosophy
Dillon "Danger" Jones
  • Dillon "Danger" Jones '18
  • Major: Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
  • Minor: Psychology
  • Research Focus: Herpetology, Wildlife, Ecology, Conservation
  • Years of Research Experience: 4
  • Project(s): Agama agama Growth Rate
    Oral Parisitology of Panamanian Snakes 
    Bridging the Gap Between Human Music and Animal Communication
    Acoustin Monitoring of the Endangered Houston Toad
    Urban Herpetology Survey of a Nature Preserve in Houston
    Sea Turtle Arribada in Costa Rica
    Radio Telemetry of the White Lipped Mud Turtle in Belize
    Gut Content Analysis of the genus Smilisca in Belize
    Camera Trapping, Mammal Trapping and Bat Netting in Belize
Douglas Fletcher
  • Douglas Fletcher '20
  • Major: Statistics
Faris Zaibaq
  • Faris Zaibaq '20
  • Major: Biomedical Sciences
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Research Focus: amino acid synthesis; asymmetric autocatalysis; origin of life
  • Years of Research Experience: 3
Jasmine Derry
  • Jasmine Derry '19
  • Major: Visualization
Jay Garza
  • Jay Garza '18
  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
Karissa Yamaguchi
  • Karissa Yamaguchi '19
  • Major: Biochemistry, Genetics
  • Minor: Japanese
  • Research Focus: MicroRNA, Biochemistry
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
  • Advisor: Dr. Zhiye Wang, Dr. Xiuren Zhang
Kyrie Garlic
  • Kyrie Garlic '20
  • Major: English and Philosophy
  • Research Focus: existentialism, recoil, making meaning, loss
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Morgan Chapman
  • Morgan Chapman '20
  • Major: Microbiology, Genetics
  • Research Focus: Microbial Pathogenesis and Immunology
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
  • Advisor: Dr. Carolyn Cannon MD Ph.D , Dr. Candice Brinkmeyer-Langford Ph.D
Oscar Gonzalez
  • Oscar Gonzalez '20
  • Major: Chemistry
  • Minor: Physics and Mathematics
  • Research Focus: Inorganic, Physical, Materials, Technology
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
Ryan Randle
  • Ryan Randle '20
  • Major: History, English
S. Claye Epperson
  • S. Claye Epperson '18
  • Major: JD, The George Washington University Law School, 2021; BA, Texas A&M University
  • Research Focus: Law, Women's History
  • Years of Research Experience: 6+
  • Advisor: Dr. Katherine Unterman and Randy Gordon; honorable mention to Dr. Sara Alpern
Tory Martin
  • Tory Martin '20
  • Major: Philosophy
  • Research Focus: Philosophy for Children, Digital Ethics, Forgiveness, Punishment
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Michael Lee
  • Michael Lee '22
  • Major: Statistics
  • Research Focus: Statistical and Mathematical Modeling and Analysis, Campus Food Insecurity, Linear and Logistic Regression Modeling, R Studio Programming
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
Michael Pitonak
  • Michael Pitonak '22
  • Major: Biology
  • Research Focus: Neuroscience, Stem Cell Transplantation, Spinal Cord Injury
  • Years of Research Experience: 2.5
  • High School: Bishop TK Gorman High School
  • Advisor: Dr. Jennifer N. Dulin
Maggie Martin
  • Maggie Martin '22
  • Major: Environmental Design
  • Minor: New Media Art; Leadership in the Design and Construction Professions
  • Research Focus: Permanent Supportive Housing, Homelessness, Accessible Design Resources
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
  • High School: Homeschool
  • Advisor: James Michael Tate
  • Project(s): Texas Freedom Colonies Project with James Michael Tate and Dr. Andrea Roberts
Sunjay Letchuman
  • Sunjay Letchuman '22
  • Major: Business Honors
  • Research Focus: Spinal Cord Injury, Health Policy
  • Years of Research Experience: 2
Valeri Cangelosi
  • Valeri Cangelosi '22
  • Major: University Studies - Society, Ethics, and Law
  • Minor: Philosophy; Architectural Fabrication and Product Design
  • Research Focus: Decolonial Feminism, Gender Studies, Sexuality, Resistance
  • Years of Research Experience: 1
  • High School: Lutheran High North
  • Advisor: Dr. Omar Rivera