Explorations is an interdisciplinary journal that is student-led and student-authored, and it is open to all undergraduate students who have conducted research at Texas A&M under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The journal welcomes research, scholarly and creative submissions of general interest from any discipline.

Undergraduate students at Texas A&M can be part of a leadership and learning community by applying to the Explorations Board.

Students, faculty and staff in the Texas A&M University System as well as Former Students, prospective students, the Bryan/College Station community, and other general readers worldwide. 
Undergraduate students who have conducted research at Texas A&M under the guidance of a faculty advisor. This includes currently enrolled Texas A&M undergraduates, undergraduate students from other institutions participating in summer undergraduate research experiences, and currently enrolled students in undergraduate research at Texas A&M University at Galveston and Texas A&M University – Qatar.
Student Submits Synopsis →            Board Reviews Synopsis                     →            Accept/Rejects Synopsis
(late-January)                                        (February)                                                            
Board Invites Students to Submit Full Article
Student Submits Full Article     →     Board Reviews Full Article                 →            Accept/Rejects Full Article
(late-February)                                     (mid-March)                                                          (early-April)
Board Issues Acceptance of Full Articles and Provides Specific Revisions
Students Edit Articles with Board

Students and UGR Email Faculty Advisor to Submit Article Approval Form

Students Submit Author Registration Form, Portrait, and Final Version of Article with Figures to Google Classroom

UGR Reviews Author Registration Form, Portrait, and Final Version of Article [Revisions may be requested]

Staff and Professional Editing [Revisions may be requested]

Final Article is Placed in Layout Design for Publication. All articles, design work, and layout are subject to final approval by Directors of the LAUNCH office before publication.

Journal is released in November.
Explorations publishes articles of general interest in all disciplines. Articles should be research-driven and written for a broad audience. Articles must be approved by faculty advisors and undergo research compliance verification before publication.

Yes, submissions (excluding cover artwork) require endorsement from a Texas A&M faculty advisor in your research area. Faculty advisor approval is solicited once your article is provisionally accepted for publication (see timeline). Prospective authors should consult faculty advisors prior to submitting synopses.

All articles and cover artwork are subject to final approval by Directors of the LAUNCH office before publication.

Yes, co-authored submissions are accepted. Only one author needs to submit a synopsis. Groups must make sure to provide all undergraduate names and contact information when submitting a co-authored article.

Authors should discuss rules and percentage of effort before submitting the article and consider putting this information in the Acknowledgements section.

Questions about co-authorship and copyright policies can be directed to the University Libraries’ Copyright Librarian: http://tamu.libguides.com/copyright

Publication in Explorations guarantees the LAUNCH office and Texas A&M University a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to archive and make publicly accessible the work in whole or in part in all forms of media. LAUNCH and Texas A&M University also reserves the right to display, publish, use, separately or as a collective work, and to distribute the work. Authors retain the right to use the work for non-commercial purposes including in personal professional compendia (such as portfolios, presentations, or showings). Ultimately the work is the property of LAUNCH and Texas A&M University.

FERPA: To the extent the work is an educational record as defined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) (20 USC 1232g). Authors consent to the disclosure of it to anyone who requests a copy. Authors retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the work. Authors also retain the right to use in future works (such as articles or books) all or part of the work, subject to the approval of the faculty advisor to the extent required.

No, all submissions must be submitted by undergraduates currently enrolled at Texas A&M or undergraduates currently enrolled at another institution who conducted their research at Texas A&M.