Thesis Application

The 2021-2022 application closed on September 13, 2021 at noon.
Note to Program Applicants: The URS Program Orientation will be in a virtual format.

More Options Available for Your Undergraduate Thesis Experience: Check out the Journal Thesis Style!


Two-Part Application

Eligible students can apply to the Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) thesis program each year between June and September. The URS application consists of two parts:

  1. Part 1: Intent to Apply
  2. Part 2: Completed application template submitted to the Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS) that includes:
    • Proposal
    • Research compliance acknowledgement
    • COVID-19 contingency plan
    • Timeline 

Planning to Apply (Teams: See note below)

Part 1

Part 1 is an online form documenting your intent to apply to the URS program. Download the Part 1 Planning Document to see what questions you will be asked during Part 1.


Part 2

Part 2 is comprised of a fillable Word document you will complete, save, and upload into the official Scholars Thesis Submittal System (STSS). Consult with your faculty advisor to determine which Part 2 Application Template is most appropriate for your discipline. Have this conversation early and take time to review the Part 2 Requirements. Applicants are required to use one of the templates provided below.

Part 2 Application Templates
Journal Style
Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences
STEM & Social Sciences
Creative Works

Dental Hygiene
(only for students at the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene)

Submitting an Application

Part 1

Copy and paste your information from the Part 1 Planning Document into the online form.

Note: You must login with your TAMU NetID and Password.

Part 2

Login to the Scholars Thesis Submittal System and follow the prompts to complete your profile. You will upload your completed template on Page 4 titled Upload Files.

Note: You must login with your TAMU NetID and Password.

Special Note: Team Applications

  • Undergraduate Research Scholars teams may consist of 2-5 students working with the same faculty advisor.
  • ALL team members must individually submit both parts of the application. Part 2 of the application must be identical for all members. We recommend that all team members work together to submit all parts the application. 
  • During the application stage, teams must select one member as the Primary Contact. This member will be the primary point of contact for all submissions and correspondence in the URS program.  
  • Note: Faculty advisors must individually approve each team member's application.

What happens after I submit my application?

  • Faculty Advisor Approval: After students complete both parts of the application, faculty advisors must review and approve the application in the STSS. The LAUNCH: UGR office cannot fully process applications until faculty advisor approval has been submitted. 
  • Revisions: LAUNCH: UGR staff will review faculty-approved applications and may return them for revisions. Take note of individual deadlines provided by LAUNCH staff in any revisions request emails you receive. Always notify your faculty advisor if your submission has been returned to you by LAUNCH: UGR for revisions. 
  • Program Acceptance: Official acceptance into the URS program is granted by the LAUNCH office and must be completed within the deadlines given for revisions. Students and faculty advisors will each receive a separate notice from LAUNCH: UGR when all approvals have been processed and students have officially been accepted into the program. Depending on when students submit, faculty advisor approval is received, and revisions requests are addressed, students may receive program acceptance notifications as late as the first week of October.

Any type of honor code violation from student rules will result in a review and possible dismissal from the program.

  • Students in the URS thesis program must be in good standing at the university to participate
  • Students who receive the F* sanction for academic misconduct are ineligible to participate in the URS program or receive the university honors transcript designation effective immediately
  • Students who are sanctioned for student conduct codes and who receive a sanction of either suspension, expulsion or any combination of sanctions are ineligible to participate in the URS program or receive the university honors transcript designation effective immediately
  • Students may not be awarded the honors transcript retroactively after completing the Academic Integrity Development Program

Want to see examples of the new URS thesis templates? Visit the URS Resources page.
Questions about research compliance? Visit the Research Compliance & Biosafety website.

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