Now Accepting Synopsis Submissions for Potential Publication in Volume 14
Apply by February 7, 2022 at noon: Synopsis Application

Multi-stage, Peer-reviewed Process

  1. Submit a synopsis to be considered for publication
    • 6 free-response questions
    • Reviewed by 2 board members and 1 faculty member
    • Gauging general interest nature of the submission and quality of writing
    • Cover artwork ideas also accepted at this stage (no artwork needed)
  2. If synopsis is accepted, invited to submit a full manuscript
    • 3,000 words or less, written for a general audience
    • Looking for interesting, engaging, and novel research
    • Cover artwork submissions must be accompanied by artwork at this stage
    • Reviewed by 2 board members and 1 faculty member 
  3. If full manuscript is accepted, assigned to a team of personal peer-editors
    • Refine research and writing, limiting disciplinary jargon
    • Check references, finalize visuals
    • Format article for Explorations journal style
  4. Submit final article and required forms/approvals
    • Secure approval from faculty advisor
    • Copyright agreement
    • Author information
    • All final files submitted
  5. Final articles are assigned to LAUNCH staff for review and editing
    • Verify approvals, format, files submitted
    • Further refine writing
    • Author approval of edits required
  6. Final articles are assigned to a third-party professional editor for editing
    • Verify references, transform into Chicago Manual of Style Further refine writing
    • Author approval of edits required
  7. Articles placed into journal design once edits and approvals are complete
    • Finalize visuals, captions, and author information
    • Minor edits may be communicated during this stage
  8. Wait for publication in November and celebrate!

Editorial Guidelines and Forms

General Submission Timeline
Dates Description
Early-February Synopsis Submission Deadline

Submit a synopsis of your research or scholarly work by this date to be considered for publication.  
Late-February to Early-March Synopsis acceptances will be issued by this date.
Mid-March Full Manuscript Deadline

By invitation only, if synopsis is accepted.
Mid-April Full manuscript acceptances will be issued by this date.

Late-April to Early-May

1-on-1 meetings with Explorations editors to refine full manuscripts in preparation for the final article submission. Contact editorial teams with questions.
Early- to Mid-May Final Article Submission Deadline

Submission of peer-edited article, original files, faculty approval, and other paperwork required for publication.

By invitation only, if full manuscript is accepted.
Summer Articles undergo two additional rounds of editing by LAUNCH staff and a professional editor. Authors must stay in contact with Explorations staff to manage edits and approvals, and to answer any questions staff may have about article content or design.
November Journal Release